Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hong Kong | Day Two

Lamma Island

A nice spot for a picnic

A view from higher up

Checking out the view

Lunch time

A bbq area next to the beach

Boats in the water by Yung Shue Wan village
As I am writing this today, we are now in Taipei City, Taiwan, and it has been over two weeks since we left Hong Kong! Therefore, I am a bit behind in writing this post, about our day trip in Hong Kong to Lamma Island. I've got a bit of catching up to do on these posts... so let's get started!

Lamma Island is a short ferry ride from Hong Kong Island, about 25 minutes. We got up early one morning and left for the island after we had breakfast, ready for a full day of exploring the island. We arrived at Sok Kwu Wan village by mid morning, and started the walk across the island to another village called Yung Shue Wan. The path was paved almost the whole way up, and look out points along the way offered picturesque views of the mountains and the beaches below. I wasn't sure what to expect when I read that there was a walking trail between these two villages, but I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely the path was maintained and easy to walk along. We stopped off at some picnic benches at lunchtime and ate our sandwiches that we had brought with us, next to the beach, and a really nice BBQ area that was set up there.

After lunch we continued our walk, passing through little rustic villages, and locals who were set up along the path selling refreshments. Lamma Island is such a contrast to the main city of Hong Kong, with it's constant traffic and endless skyscrapers. On the island, boats bob peacefully in the water, and the only skyscrapers are in the mountainous scenery.

It didn't take long before we had reached Yung Shue Wan village, the endpoint of our walk. We checked out some of the seafood restaurants and then sat down by the sea for a rest, before taking the ferry back to Central.

Hong Kong Maritime Museum

On the ferry with Charlotte

View from the ferry

Eating an ice cream while Charlotte is sleeping!

Kowloon Park

Practicing taking steps in the park

Checking out the aviary

When we got back to Kowloon Peninsula, we decided to take a walk up to Kowloon Park, as it was still early in the evening. Charlotte had fallen asleep, so I decided to have a sneaky ice cream cone while she was still sleeping 😁
The park was beautiful and perfectly manicured and maintained. It is such a credit to the city that all of their parks and outdoor spaces are in pristine condition, and provide such a wonderful space for families especially to relax in. This particular park had a big children's playground, a hedged maze, a bird aviary, and a public swimming pool. I think it's safe to say that I'm a little bit obsessed with the parks in Hong Kong! haha 😆

I hope you enjoyed reading this post :)
I'll be posting the last post about our stay in Hong Kong soon!

Hannah xx

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