Sunday, March 26, 2017


Entrance to the Imperial Citadel

The moat around the citadel

Flag tower of the citadel

Outside the entrance to the citadel

Traditional Vietnamese dress

Citadel gardens

Chickens roaming the grounds of the citadel
 We left Hoi An somewhat reluctantly on the 18th March, sad to leave a place we had gotten so comfortable in, but excited to see somewhere new. The bus ride to Hue (pronounced Hway) was shorter than we expected and quite comfortable (breadcrumbs and baby-poop-splosions aside). We had booked in to 'Hue Charming Hotel', where we were greeted with a fresh fruit platter and banana smoothies for our arrival. A good start. Then we went out for a walk in the drizzling rain before dinner time, when we enjoyed a tasty noodle soup at a local restaurant.
It was an early night for Charlotte and I then, but apparently the music from a nearby bar that went on til 1am kept Nathan awake! Somehow mummy and baby slept through that 😳

Thankfully the next morning the staff at the hotel were quite understanding, and offered to move us to their sister hotel by the river. It was much quieter there, and the room was bigger. Win-win! The breakfast at the hotel was also really yummy, banana pancakes and fruit salad were my favourites. You can't really beat USD$15 a night for a room including breakfast. 😁

The main reason I wanted to visit Hue was to see the Imperial Citadel, which is also a World Heritage Site. Hue was the capital of Vietnam until 1945, and the citadel was built there from 1805. Much of the citadel was destroyed by bombing in the Vietnam War, but what remains there is some beautiful architecture and pretty grounds to wander around. There is a lot of reconstruction going on inside the citadel since it was named a World Heritage site in 1993. We spent an afternoon here and were impressed by the whole site, and the work that is continually ongoing to restore the citadel.

Charlotte playing in the grass by the river

 Before arriving in Hue, I had read that the weather was typically known to be rainy, so we were expecting the worst. However, we were pleasantly surprised by a few sunny days, and enjoyed some walks by the pretty Perfume River. We let Charlotte play on the grass by the river one day and she loved it. I don't think she had ever had a bigger space to crawl around! This girl loves to move and hates sitting still, so it's nice when we get the opportunity to let her run (crawl?) free for a while.

View from the Hotel
 We actually really enjoyed our stay at the riverside hotel, and we spent at least one day inside because of the weather, only venturing outside to eat meals at the restaurant across the street from the hotel. We walked by there one day and saw that they had a big wok to cook fried rice in, to go alongside some fried chicken, and the smell was delicious. You couldn't have found a dirtier restaurant, but the food was so good, we ate there four times I think. Our favourite dish was the fried chicken served with a delicious sauce, fried rice, and kimchi.

Making friends at the airport
We decided to fly from Hue to Hanoi, as we found really cheap flights, and the one hour flight sounded much more comfortable than the 15 hour train journey. The airport in Hue was tiny, and we arrived there with loads of time to spare, but Charlotte was entertained by the restaurant staff, and Nathan was happy because he bought the cheapest airport beer he'd ever had!

I hope you enjoyed reading :)

Hannah x