Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year's in Kep

 The road outside Kep National Park
 Stunning views from the National Park 

 One of the quirky signs in the park 
 The aforementioned remarkable tree

 An unknown fruit tree outside the park 

Pretty pink blooms 

Our last days of 2016 were spent in the small seaside village of Kep in Cambodia. Due to the fact that we rarely book accommodation in advance, we were stuck wondering a few days before Christmas where on earth we would spend New Year's Eve. We wanted to be by the beach, however, where we wanted to stay was booked, and we wanted to avoid the crowds. We eventually chose to stay in Kep, as it was close by to Kampot, where we stayed at Christmas.
Kep was once a French Colonial resort town, and today there are many accommodation options, from small guesthouses and bungalows, to high end hotels and resorts. 
Kep has no real town centre, apart from a cluster of restaurants and small shops surrounding the beach. The beach is quite small, but the water is pleasant and nice to cool off in. 
The highlight of Kep, for me, was definitely Kep National Park, pictures above. We walked the 8km long trail around the park, stopping to admire the gorgeous views of the ocean and surrounding islands. It was a pretty easy trail to walk, and it was mostly shaded by trees, so it was perfect for us to take Charlotte in the baby carrier.

A feast at the Crab Market 

Another highlight for us was the Crab Market, where we enjoyed some delicious fresh seafood. Unfortunately this time we did not try the famous fried crab and green kampot pepper dish that is the specialty if the town. We did however try some different types of grilled fish, prawns, and squid, which was delicious. 

Kep at sunset was just stunning. We enjoyed a few beautiful sunsets at the Crab Market, one of the best sunset viewing spots in Kep. 

Our New Year's Eve was pretty quiet, as poor Charlotte was not feeling too good, so we decided to take it easy and let her rest. It gave me a good chance to reflect on the year, and all of the amazing things we have done. I am so grateful to all of the experiences we have had, and the fact that we get to spend all of our time together as a family. I am looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us :)

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah xx

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