Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas in Kampot

 Cloudy on Christmas Eve 
 A quick family photo before breakfast

 Pictures from our Christmas morning walk
 Kampot riverfront

 Waiting for our Christmas dinner

 Boxing day walk by the river

 The Durian roundabout 
 A tractor going round the roundabout 

 Salt fields statue 
 Kampot city view
For Christmas, we headed down south from the capital of Phnom Penh to Kampot, which is close to the Vietnam/Cambodian border. Kampot town is a sleepy town close to the ocean, situated on the Praek Tuek Chhu river.

The riverfront area is very pretty, being composed of 19th century French colonial buildings, and colourful bougainvillea trees. 
We spent four nights over Christmas in Kampot, not doing much apart from relaxing and enjoying some good food. 

We ate a traditional Christmas dinner at an English style pub, which wasn't the best Christmas fare, but at least it reminded us of Christmases at home. Our guesthouse even had a Christmas tree up in the reception area, which got us more in a Christmassy mood.

Charlotte got dressed up in her new Christmas dress which I bought for her at the night market. She didn't get any new toys, which is just as well as she'd probably have found the wrapping paper or ribbon more interesting to play with!

There are many cute little cafes in the town, and while we were there I sampled some different cakes, including lemon meringue pie, a lime cake, and a pineapple pie. Everything was very tasty. 

There seems to be a lot of expats living in Kampot, and a lot of the shops and restaurants along the river front are foreign owned. I even found a shop that sold my favourite Cadbury chocolate,  and was half tempted to buy some for myself :) I figured the pies and cakes were enough sweet things for me though 😂

After Kampot we were back in a mini bus along the bumpy roads to an even smaller town called Kep, which will be up next on the blog.

Thanks for reading :)
Hannah xx 

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