Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Relaxing in Vang Vieng

The main purpose of our visit to the small, yet beautiful, town of Vang Vieng was to catch up with some friends from Norway who had been working there for the past few months. On our first night there they gave us a little tour of the town, and we saw that there is not much in the town, however, it's surroundings are very picturesque.

The next day we decided to go for a little walk across the river to a small lagoon where we were told we could go swimming. As we walked along the long bumpy gravel road, we could see the karst hills in the background.

We paid a small fee to cross over a bridge, and we walked along the peaceful riverside area, taking in the scenery. The water in the river was surprisingly a deep turquoise blue.

Further along the river, we came to a park with seating areas, and next to this was the small lagoon. There was a cave you could swim in there, and the water was nice and refreshing.

After we had a dip in the water,  we decided to dry off in the sun, and then head back into town for lunch. There are many restaurants in Vang Vieng which have Japanese style sitting areas with low tables and cushions. We found these perfect for us to sit in, so that Charlotte could sit up by herself.

We have found that the food here is quite similar to what you will find on menus Thailand, though I have to say overall we enjoyed the food there much better.  There is however, a big French influence in Laos, and we have found baguettes, crepes, and french bakeries in all of the cities we have visited.

I am planning to do a separate food post in the future about some of the different dishes we have eaten so far.

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