Friday, December 9, 2016

Loving Laotian Life

As I said in my last post, there really was not that much to see in Vang Vieng, as far as temples, or museums and monuments go. There are, however, plenty of activities to do, and stunning scenery to enjoy. You can go kayaking, climbing and swimming in caves, swimming in lagoons, tubing down the river, and much more.
Not all of these activities are 'baby-friendly' though, but we actually just enjoyed relaxing in Vang Vieng. Enjoying the laid back Laotian life :)

We did go to one of the lagoons which you can swim in, but it was very crowded with people, and there were not many places to sit. Surprisingly, we saw mostly locals there, rather than tourists, and a lot of families.
At this lagoon there is a cave to explore (picture above), and to reach it you must climb up a very steep set of rocks/ stairs. We managed to do it with Charlotte in the baby carrier, but once inside the cave we found it dangerous to walk around, especially as we didn't have proper shoes on.

The riverside area of the Nam Song was very pretty, and there were huts set up on the water, with food vendors to sell you food and drink. We dipped Charlotte's toes into the water, but she did not enjoy that one bit! I think the water might have been a bit cold for her. It didn't seem to bother the other children swimming in there though.

We watched a group of young boys having a mud fight (pictures above), literally covering each other in mud. They then ran up to the river, and jumped in, one after the other, to wash off. I think I made a comment to Nathan like, "oh to be young and free!"
To which he replied, "Hang on, aren't you young and free??" :P haha

While we were in Vang Vieng we stayed at a guesthouse in town called Pan's Place, owned by a really nice couple, Neil and Pan. They have a two year old daughter Ella, who Charlotte just loved. Whenever Ella was around, Charlotte would squeal with excitement.
The ladies who worked in the kitchen there at the restaurant loved to come and pick up Charlotte and play with her. She is such a social little girl already!

From Vang Vieng we then got the bus to the capital,  Vientiane, which we only spent two nights at. We didn't do much sightseeing there, as I unfortunately have got a cold. Plus, Charlotte has been out of sorts with 3 teeth coming through at once! Luckily the bus ride there was bumpy again, so that got her off to sleep...
The main point of our stop off to Vientiane anyway was not sightseeing, but to get our visas to Vietnam! We want to stay there for three months, and Vietnam is one country which does not grant visas on arrival. Luckily, our visa applications only took 1 day to be processed, which was fantastic :)

Now we have only 10 days left in Laos, which we will be spending in the 4000 islands in the very south. From there, we will take a bus to Cambodia, our first stop being Siem Reap, where we will spend Christmas.

Thanks for reading :)
Hannah xx

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