Monday, December 5, 2016

Bus ride to Vang Vieng

Early last Wednesday morning we got a mini bus ride from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng. The road was extremely windy and in very poor condition, so for the first half of the journey I was feeling nauseous and holding on for dear life. By the time we had gone half way there I was feeling a lot better, and able to enjoy the scenery. I wrote down some things we saw on the bus trip to pass time.
We saw...
Farmers tending to their roadside crops.
Banana palms and papaya trees.
Ferns and tall grass.
Dramatic mountain peaks. 
Bamboo or wooden huts with tin roofs. 
Sometimes more grand brick houses painted lime green,  pink or purple, or aqua blue.
Laundry hanging out to dry.
Lots of greenery. 
Cows and goats and lots of chickens.
People trekking up the road carrying things on their backs.
Roadside stalls selling fruit perfectly stacked into pyramids. 

We made a lot of stops along the way for people being sick, which made our journey well over five hours. Charlotte was really good during the bus ride, and she slept a lot of the way. Probably because the road was so bumpy.
At the halfway point we made a stop at a beautiful viewing point of the mountains. We stopped there for five minutes but I could have stared at the landscape for hours. 

I was so glad when we came down into the valley and the road was less winding and bumpy. One of the worst things about travelling in SE Asia is the poor quality of the roads, and the terrible driving. Thankfully we made it okay,  and it could have been worse, according to the owner of our guesthouse in Vang Vieng, who took a bus to Kathmandu that had no brakes. Someone had to run outside the bus each time with a wooden wedge to brake the bus going up a hill. Crazy!

It is a different world here in Asia, that is for sure, but one thing that is still the same is that family is important, and as a family travelling around for 6 weeks so far, we have been treated really well. Everyone loves the blue eyed, blonde curly little girl that is Charlotte, and they take care of her just like they would their own babies. In restaurants, they give us bananas and other fruits to feed Charlotte; they come and pick her up and carry her around so that we can eat. Everyone that we have met has been very friendly and welcoming to us, especially because we have Charlotte with us. It really make travelling with her easier, when people are so kind to us.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about our journey, and I'll be back soon with another update.

Hannah xx 

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