Tuesday, December 13, 2016

4000 Islands ♡

On Saturday we arrived in Si Phan Don, the 4000 Islands. It is absolutely beautiful here, and so peaceful. On Sunday we had the most fantastic day exploring Don Khone (don means island in Lao).

We started the morning at around 7am when we all woke up in our little bungalow,  tucked away behind the river. Sounds of the locals and roosters on the island waking up had been heard since about 5am.

We headed down the road from our bungalow to one of the restaurants and got ourselves some breakfast.
Since we had gotten up so early we decided to let Charlotte have her first nap of the day at the bungalow.

After she woke up, we packed up our day bag and took off in the other direction on the road, towards one of the famous waterfalls on the island. We stopped and had a quick lunch along the way at one of the pretty riverside restaurants.

The sun was hot in the middle of the day, so we took an easy strolling pace on our way to the waterfall. Our only time restraint was being back before sundown.
We alternated between Nathan carrying Charlotte in his arms, and me carrying her in the ergo carrier.

When we arrived at the entrance to the falls, we paid the entrance fee, and stopped to admire some new baby ducklings. They were so fluffy and cute!

The Somphamit waterfall was vast and jagged, and the area surrounding it lush and green. The water was very forceful and powerful, and the cliffs we stood on next to the falls were minimally fenced off.
There was signage visible next to the fences warning us that it was a "dangerous "area.

As we walked further down the path parallel to the falls, we followed a sign pointing to the "beach". This was an area of a sandy beach, complete with beach huts, and the water from the river swelling in and out like waves. To me, this place looked like something out of a fairytale or a dream.

The difference in the water level from the rainy season was visible on the colours of the craggy rocks surrounding the beach. There was a clear line running through all of the rocks of where the water level had previously been.

Above the beach area there was a small cafe, so we stopped here and had a fruit shake and a Beer Lao. There were comfortable bungalows to sit in at the cafe, each one with matress on the floor, and hammocks to relax in. This would be the perfect place to watch the sun set.

Alas, we headed back to our own bungalow before the sun went down, and we were tired but happy from our little adventure.

Tomorrow we are going to the other side of the island to check out another waterfall :)

Thanks for reading,
Hannah xx

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