Friday, November 4, 2016

Wat Phra Singh

Last Saturday we visited Phra Singh temple, which was probably one of my favourite temples that we have visited so far. The temple is located inside of the city walls, so we decided to take a walk there after we had a nice lunch of noodle soup in town.

The temple complex is surrounded by beautifully manicured trees and gardens. There are also many orchids growing in the gardens, which I loved. We had an orchid plant in Norway which sadly never flowered again, so to see so many beautiful orchids here is amazing. There are so many different types and colours.

Next to the temple buildings there were many wooden signs nailed to the trees which had Buddhist sayings written on them. I really enjoyed walking through there and reading the different phrases.

The golden 'chedi' in the middle of the temple complex was quite a sight to see with the bright blue sky behind it. I love the colours in Thailand, everything from the flowers,  to the temples, the clear blue skies and the food! Everything here just seems like a tropical paradise to me, especially after living in Europe for over three years. It is completely different, but I love it.

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Hannah xx

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