Sunday, November 20, 2016

The White Temple

Just before we arrived in Chiang Rai, our bus driver made a quick stop at Wat Rong Khun, also known as the white temple. We were only allowed a 20 minute stop here, which we knew wouldn't be enough time to go inside, so Nathan and I agreed to come back to visit it properly.
In the morning on our second day in Chiang Rai, we went out into the street to find a taxi who could take us there. The temple is about 11 km outside of the city, so we wanted to combine it with a trip to a park nearby. We found a taxi easily,  agreed on a set price, and off we went. 
It was a slightly cloudy and overcast morning,  yet when we arrived at the temple it shined brilliantly, even in the cloudy sky. 
The temple was built by Chalermchai Kositpipat,  a local Thai artist. The temple which stood their previously was in a state of disrepair, so Kositpipat decided to invest his own money into rebuilding it, and it was opened in 1997, with construction on some parts still ongoing.
This is, without a doubt, the most unique temple we have visited so far. It was definitely an interesting glimpse into the beliefs and thoughts of the artist. I'm not sure of all the ideas behind it all, but everything from the hands reaching across the bridge, skulls and faces were all fascinating to look at. 
The whole temple is basically an art gallery, full of works of art and strange symbolism. 
You are not allowed to take pictures of the inside of the temple, but this site has some good pictures. I didn't really look at it closely when we walked through, and am now kicking myself for it. Click the link to see the pictures,  and you will know what I mean.

After we had explored the temple, we got back into the taxi and drove to the Singha Park. The park is owned by the Singha beer company and there is a tea plantation in the middle of the park. You can also buy their tea there at the gift shop. We had a lovely time  walking past the fruit orchards and fields of flowers. 

Today is our last full day in Thailand. Tomorrow we will be crossing the Friendship Bridge into Laos, and Charlotte will be entering her sixth country in her 8 months of life. 

Thanks for reading :)
Hannah xx 

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