Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Butterflies, orchids and insects

This week is our last week in Thailand! We cannot believe how quickly the time has gone, and we are sad to be leaving here, but we are looking forward to visiting the next country on our trip, Laos.

Last Tuesday afternoon was our second to last day in Chiang Mai, so we took a trip in a red taxi out to Mae Rim to visit a butterfly and orchid farm. It was forecasted to rain in the afternoon, but thankfully the weather held out until the next morning, and we had a perfect clear day.

The farm was beautiful, and the orchids were very varied and colourful. I loved walking into the butterfly garden and having hundreds of butterflies all flitting past me. One butterfly even landed next to Charlotte in her stroller.

Close by to the farm was the Siam Insect Zoo, which we decided to visit next. The first part of the zoo is a small museum where you can see many different types of preserved insects. There is information about the different types of insects, as well as the process of preserving them.

Outside the museum was where the live insects were kept, including caterpillars, stick insects, spiders, scorpions, as well as lizards.
The staff there were very friendly and even offered for us to touch and hold the insects. I can imagine it would be a great place to bring Charlotte when she is older,  as it was a very interactive and educational zoo.
There is also a very pretty butterfly garden in the zoo, filled with beautiful flowers and vines.

Although it was just a quick day trip, it was nice to get outside of the city for a few hours and do something a bit different. We enjoyed relaxing in Chiang Mai so much; we were only going to stay for 5 nights, but ended up staying for two weeks! We loved how relaxed it felt in the city and there are so many side streets and little cafes to pop in to. The night bazaar and the street food set ups were great to visit at night too.

After Chiang Mai, we headed up north to a town called Pai, which I'll do a separate post on. Now we are staying in Chiang Rai, before we will cross over the border into Laos.

Hope you enjoyed reading :)

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