Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shopping and traffic jams in Bangkok

Our second day in Bangkok was a bit of a lazy day, as we all slept in. The previous night there had also been a thunderstorm, so we were a bit cautious about being caught in the rain. When it rains in Thailand,  it pours!
We decided to take a taxi to MBK Centre, the huge shopping mall in Bangkok. Our hostel was on a side street of Silom Road, which is quite busy, so we walked along there first to check out the street vendors. You can buy many different types of food from these street vendors,  some of which we had no idea what the food actually was! We tried one snack that looked interesting. It tasted like a sweet wafer cookie, topped with a marshmallowy topping and something that tasted like coriander. Very interesting. 
It took us a while to find a taxi driver that didn't want to overcharge us for our journey. We had been warned by the friendly receptionist at our hostel that the tuk tuk drivers charge too much, and that we should only ride in taxis who use a meter. This proved to be hard to find! 
Eventually we did find a very nice taxi driver who took us to the shopping mall. The mall is set out very interestingly. In some parts it looks like market stalls, while in other parts there are name brand shops. Charlotte needed some new clothes, so we bought two new outfits for her to suit the warmer climate.
After shopping we needed to refuel so we headed up to the food court which was quite big! You have to purchase a coupon card to buy your food and everything is set out sort of like different stalls. 
I decided to try a thai yellow curry, which was probably just about the spiciest thing I have ever eaten! To be fair, the man who sold it to me did warn that it was spicy!
On our way home from the mall we got caught in a big traffic jam. After being stopped on one road for about 25 minutes, we asked the taxi driver if there was another way he could go. He then turned around and pulled into a side street, which at the end of we realised we were on Silom Road, opposite the street to our hostel! Luckily the taxis aren't too expensive here :)
We definitely learned in just three days in Bangkok that peak time traffic is the worst time to try and find a taxi! We're hoping it will be a bit less chaotic in Chiang Mai, where we will be staying for five nights.
Our last day in Bangkok was yesterday, and we went to the Dusit Zoo. Pictures and a blog post for that will be up soon :)

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Hannah xx 

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