Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Our journey to Bangkok

Waiting at the airport

We have finally arrived in Bangkok!
Our journey to Thailand started at about 4:45 am on Saturday morning, when we headed to the bus stop in Bergen. We arrived there only to realise that we had missed the bus that would get us to the airport on time!
Not the best start to our journey,  but luckily there was a taxi stand right around the corner :)
We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, and soon boarded our flight to Oslo. Charlotte slept the whole flight, which was less than 50 minutes, and we arrived in Oslo at around 8am to start our 6 hour layover there.
As our stroller was checked in all the way to Bangkok,  we were really thankful that the airport provided strollers for us to use!  We managed to get Charlotte to nap in a stroller there on our long wait.
We boarded the plane at about 1:30 pm, and marvelled at how clean the aircraft was! We later found out that this was the first commercial flight for this aircraft,  being one of the newer Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.
However, not long after we had boarded, we had an announcement from the captain that we would be delayed for a while,  as there was a problem with the baggage on board. This delay ended up being three hours, that we spent sitting on the plane while the ground staff sorted out the problem.
Finally, after waiting and waiting,  we were taking off and on our way to Asia!
Unfortunately,  Charlotte slept very little on the flight, nor did Nathan or I, but she was really good and didn't cry at all.
Nathan walked back to the galley of the plane with Charlotte where he met two other mums with babies, and all our babies were a total of 5 days apart!
When we finally landed on Sunday morning, we were all exhausted, and as soon as we had gone through immigration and got our bags, we headed straight to the hostel for a long nap.
We all woke up around 5pm and we decided to head out to get some dinner. We found a street food place that looked good, and ordered a dish each. I had thai style fried rice and Nathan had noodles with chicken and egg. It was delicious if course. I think I'm going to get pretty used to the Thai food!
After dinner we took our little girl back to the hostel and her and I fell asleep almost instantly! It was a loooong day!
I can't wait to explore the rest of Bangkok,  and Thailand!

Thanks for reading.
Hannah xx

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