Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bella Firenze

Italy was the first country I ever visited outside of Australia, and it's where I got my first taste of travelling from. I was 16 when I went on my big school trip for three weeks in Italy, time spent soaking up the art, language and culture. It was the most fantastic experience, one that I have many great memories from. I remember from that trip that Florence was my favourite city that we visited. I was awestruck by the famous artworks, the atmosphere of the city, and the stunning Tuscan scenery.

This time around in Florence, my little family and I took a very relaxed visit to the city, as it was our last stop of the trip before we headed home. We found a beautiful Airbnb apartment to stay in that was just ten minutes by tram from the city centre, with a tram stop just around the corner. It was perfect.

My favourite memory of Florence from my first visit there was climbing up the duomo of the Florence Cathedral, and admiring the amazing view of the whole city and surrounding hills. While I would have loved to go up there again, I did not really want to carry a 7.5kg baby up all of those narrow steps! Instead, we took a walk to the Piazzale Michelangelo, which also offers a stunning panoramic view of Florence.

We also did not go into any of the art museums this time, again it would not have been as pleasant with a baby, not to mention the lines for tickets are about an hours wait. You can order the tickets in advance by booking online, but these were also sold out for the days we wanted. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed taking walks through the city, even though we didn't do many touristic activities.
I loved walking across Ponte Vecchio, it brought back memories of my school trip and taking a picture on the bridge. And who wouldn't love an entire bridge filled with jewellry shops!

Oh Italy, you really have captured my heart! Looking back on these pictures just makes me want to go back already! We also took the opportunity, while we were in the Tuscany region, to visit a Chianti vineyard, and a few other Tuscan towns. However, I think that day trip deserves its own post, as the places we visited were just amazing!

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