Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Not So Good Part...

Our stroller went kaput!

This is a picture of the back wheel of our baby stroller. After less than six months of use, the two back wheels have completely worn through and one of them has punctured! I was shocked when I realised that not only was the tyre flat, but it was also completely irreparable too. 
We have emailed the company that we bought the stroller from, and are hoping we can get a refund or a replacement. The only thing I can say is that I am glad it happened at the end of our trip and not the start. Before having children you never realise how much 'stuff' one tiny human being can require! And of course a stroller isn't strictly necessary to some,  but it's pretty essential for us to get Charlotte to nap in there,  especially if we are out all day sightseeing. 
But now we are faced with 3 days of vacation left and no stroller.
Plus, we have to think about buying a new one when we get back home... which one should we buy? ?

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