Monday, September 26, 2016

Porto Venere

During our stay in La Spezia, we popped over on the ferry for a day trip to Porto Venere. The ferry boat from La Spezia to Porto Venere takes less than half an hour,  and is a very pretty journey.
The views of this colourful little town are just stunning as you arrive in by boat. 

We arrived there at lunchtime and immediately searched for a place to eat lunch. We found a restaurant and ordered some delicious fried seafood in a light batter, pizza with anchovies, and battered and fried vegetables. The batter on the seafood and vegetables was so light and tasty, and it seemed to be a specialty in a lot of places in that area.
Let's be honest,  some of my best memories from this trip are of the food 😂

After lunch we took a walk up one of the cute and narrow little streets, where I nearly got sold some expensive jars of pesto by a very persistent sales lady! She had a very good sales pitch!

Our walk to the end of this street led us to a beautiful church on the hill, with amazing views onto the ocean. 

Porto Venere is a truly special town, much less busy than the Cinque Terre villages, and well worth a visit. Although we only had a few hours there, I would happily come back, and maybe explore the other islands close by. 

Thanks for reading :)
Hannah xx

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