Thursday, September 22, 2016

Our Italian Adventure - Genoa

Today is our last day in Italy 😯
Nathan and I both agree that Italy is one of our favourite countries to visit. This is my third visit to a Italy and Nathan has also been here many times. We both love the food, the beautiful cities with amazing architecture and art; the weather is great, and the people are lovely. We are very sad to leave!

We started our journey in Italy in Genoa, a port city in Liguria. Genoa has the biggest old town in Europe (so our host there claimed!) and it has many narrow cobbled streets with small restaurants and shops throughout. The apartment we stayed in was very nice, but it was a 25-30 minute walk from the train station, all up hill! That was not ideal for us with all our luggage, plus a baby and stroller, but we booked last minute, which is never a good idea unless you're a hardcore singleton backpacker!

On the train from Nice to Genoa, Charlotte managed to have a snooze.
Our first meal in Italy- Nathan had braised beef and potatoes and I had ravioli with ricotta, mmmm

Some pictures from the old town
Genoa's old harbour
Genoa is also home to Europe's second largest aquarium,  and as we both love visiting aquariums, it was definitely on our to do list. The exhibits were very impressive and the whole aquarium is huge. There is a lot to see, like penguins, sharks and manatees, as well as dolphins.

The aquarium also has a rooftop terrace with a pretty view of the old harbour. We really enjoyed our visit to the aquarium, although Charlotte got quite tired by the end of it. Luckily she fell asleep in her daddy's arms while we finished seeing the exhibits :)

We spent two nights in Genoa, which for us was enough to see the aquarium and wander the old town leisurely. Our next stop after Genoa was La Spezia and  Cinque Terre,  which I will talk about in a separate post.
thank you for reading 😁
Hannah xx

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