Saturday, September 17, 2016

From Pisa to Firenze

This morning we packed up our bags and left the guesthouse that we called home for our two nights in Pisa, and headed to Pisa Centrale train station. I make all of this sound very easy, which ordinarily I suppose it would be, but in reality it wasn't quite like that. I wish that someone had been able to take a picture of us this morning, as we walked to the station through torrential rain in the middle of a thunderstorm. Nathan had his big backpack on his back, one smaller one on his front; I had a small backpack on my back, pushing the stroller, which was also loaded with bags, with Charlotte screaming and crying inside it. Meanwhile we're dodging crowds of school-aged kids walking in groups hogging the footpaths, and we are both wearing flip-flops, (well, what else do you pack on summer vacation) trying not to slip over.
I think we would have been a sorry sight. At least we had an umbrella!
Anyway, we made it to the station with plenty of time to catch our train to Florence (Firenze).
Once we arrived at our Airbnb apartment, we decided to take a lazy day, and let Charlotte have a nap inside. Nathan picked up some groceries from the supermarket and we had lunch while our cheeky girl decided a 10 minute nap was enough!
Just from our six weeks travelling through France and Italy we have learnt that, especially with a baby, some days you just need to take it easy and not try and do too much in one day. It's not sustainable to think that you can travel for an extended period of time and not give yourself a break. Everybody needs a rest day sometimes!
So tomorrow we're off to explore Florence on our first full day here- can't wait! 😀

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